Welcome 2019 with a Wellness Check for your conveyor system

It’s a new year – and, as a manufacturer, that means its time to reassess your product handling equipment and its functionality to ensure all are operating at peak performance. Many equipment suppliers offer Wellness Checks as a preventative maintenance offering to examine all aspects of your automated system and make recommendations based on findings. Many work within the parameters to ensure little downtime to conduct the check.  The visit typically includes the following:

  • Complete evaluation of the safety devices installed to ensure functionality and in good working condition
  • Complete evaluation of all mechanical parts and assemblies to ensure functionality and in good working condition
  • Complete evaluation of the electrical system to ensure all electrical devices and cabling are functional and in good working condition. Backup the PLC and HMI program if applicable
  • Review current installed system for any mechanical upgrades available
  • Review current installed system for any electrical upgrades available
  • Discuss any known issues that might be able to provide a solution to resolve such issue
  • Provide a detailed report of findings along with a quote for any parts and service required to bring your equipment back to satisfactory condition

A Wellness Check can make the difference between your operations running at optimum throughout the year or problems arising. In addition, it’s always a good idea to keep a consistent inventory of spare parts on your shelves. If you aren’t sure of your recommended spare parts, you can contact your supplier for a full list based on your specific equipment.

Happy Product Handling!