Why do I need a spare parts kit for my conveyor system?

Conveyors face brutal conditions and environments each day with thousands of products moving throughout the line. That’s why manufacturers depend heavily on their product handling equipment to keep their operations running efficiently with little interruptions.  The costs due to unexpected equipment downtime can equate to thousands of dollars in lost opportunities. That’s why a preventative maintenance plan including spare parts is critical to ensuring minimal downtime for your production line.

A good preventative maintenance plan doesn’t have to be expensive but it should consist of key spare parts for your conveying equipment.  Typically, a spare parts kit is offered or included when you purchase your conveyor system. This kit is customized for your specific conveying system needs and includes replacement items such as bearings, bushings, belts, rollers, lubrication products and more. Spare parts are critical when you need them in a pinch to keep your conveyor from sitting idle and running at optimal production speeds.

To improve system reliability and prevent system failure, proper preventative maintenance is a must. Routine lubrication maintenance of your conveyor is imperative to ensuring peak performance and in extending the lifetime of the equipment.  Dependent on the type of conveyor, lubrication products can consist of lubrication strips, gravity feed or Simalube oilers.

It’s important to protect the longevity of your Shuttleworth product handling equipment with genuine replacement parts.  With Shuttleworth replacement parts, you’ll find the exact match for your conveyor system including our durable older generation of conveyors. Not sure which parts you need? We can help create a custom spare parts list to protect your investment.

Contact one of our parts specialists at Shuttleworth.Parts@ProMachBuilt.com for your spare parts needs and have peace of mind in knowing you’ve got Shuttleworth genuine replacement parts there when you need them.

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