What’s DASH?

DASH is the latest innovation from Shuttleworth providing dynamic accumulation for today’s manufacturers. DASH is the latest addition to Shuttleworth’s product line-up and was recently unveiled at Pack Expo 2017 – Las Vegas.


With DASH, manufacturers receive the benefits of:

  • Continuous motion accumulation, with minimized product damage – delivering gentle product handling;
  • Shuttleworth’s innovative and patented Slip-Torque roller technology;
  • Servo controlled guides provide smooth lane changing without stopping product(s); and
  • Flexible integration, scalable design based on product size and accumulation duration desired.

Features include:

  • Dynamic, on-demand accumulation
  • FiFo – First in, First out accumulation
  • Functionality to enhance product flow
  • Low-pressure accumulation for gentle product handling
  • Allows for denser product accumulation, allowing products to touch without damage due to low back pressure

The benefits of DASH are:

  • Gentle product handling with care
  • Reliable solution requiring low maintenance
  • Smoother line efficiency by minimizing downtime
  • Ensures consistent quality integrity
  • Ideal for automotive, food & beverage, consumer and pharmaceutical products
  • Can accommodate round, square or rectangular products

To learn more about Shuttleworth’s DASH and gentle product handling for your delicate and fragile products, visit our website at http://www.shuttleworth.com.

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