The Art of Combining Multiple Lanes into Single File Accumulation

Single filing or combining multiple lanes into a single lane routes traffic from multiple equipment such as ovens, presses, etc into one lane for filling, trimming, packaging and more. This process can also direct a single lane into an accumulation area when downstream machines fail and then pull them back into a single row when equipment becomes operable.single-filing-combiners-product-original-product

To keep your production lines running with speed and precision, Shuttleworth offers Single Row Combiners.  These machines ensure that your production rates are as efficient as possible.  During manufacturing, if your products need to move from multiple locations into one unified line, the Single Row Combiners do just that.  Likewise, if your products need to be transported into an area of multiple lanes, the Single Row Combiners can accomplish the task in mere moments.

Take a peek at the video below which demonstrates our combining expertise with tapered ice cream cups in a sanitary environment.

Having efficiency in your production line is incredibly beneficial.  When you’re looking for reduced labor costs, Shuttleworth’s single row combiner is the perfect solution.

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