Squaring It Up – An Integrated Solution for Gently Handling Stacks of Paper Checks

Shuttleworth’s Star Roller is the ideal solution for handling paper products without product damage.

The Challenge

  • Customer desired a gentle form of transporting stacks of paper checks without crumpling or shingling
  • Ability to stack and square unbound stacks to prepare for shrink wrapping
  • System must be clean to ensure minimal dust
  • System must integrate with customers’ existing equipment

Our Solution

  • A fully automated solution that provided the transporting, combining, and indexing of unbound stacks of checks
  • Shuttleworth’s star roller technology gently handles product while allowing dust particles to pass through the conveyor, keeping the product and conveyor surface clean
  • Retractable fixed end stop separates product
  • Lift And Transfer (LAT) device properly orients checks
  • Pin stops and overhead brake used to hold back checks until preceding stack advances
  • Pneumatic pusher straightens and squares stacks in preparation to feed into automatic shrink wrapper 

The Results

  • Integrated solution that smoothly transports, orients, and squares paper products in a clean environment
  • Star roller technology used to gently handle product, minimizing damage often seen on a traditional belt or roller conveyor
  • System provided transporting of paper checks at the rate of 25 stacks/minute


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