Slip-Trak – Shuttleworth’s low pressure, clean room conveyor for accumulation

Searching for an ultra-clean conveyor solution for accumulating your products within your line? Shuttleworth’s Slip-Trak offers a safe ultra clean conveyor option utilizing a custom segmented, loose-fit roller surface.  Through the use of our Slip-Torque technology, Slip-Trak allows for multi-lane, simultaneous bi-directional or reverse product flow.

The open center design (or through shaft) construction maximizes process adaptability with low line pressure accumulation/stocking and process buffering. Slip-Trak can be designed to reduce surface electrostatic discharge (ESD) to less than 5 volts. It’s the perfect solution for applications such as flat glass panels, healthcare products, wafer transport, medical supplies and devices, ultra-low ESD, and harsh environment areas.

How does Slip-Trak work?

Shuttleworth’s Slip-Torque technology utilizes the coefficient of friction between the rotating roller shaft and the loose-fit rollers to control the driving force on the product. The size and weight of the product determine the driving force and the roller surface. When products accumulate, the rollers beneath the accumulated product slip to avoid the product from jamming, scuffing and shingling. Slip-Trak meets the federal sanitary regulations for cleanliness.

Slip-Trak is available in a variety of options:

  • Variable or fixed-speed drives
  • Multi-lane or bi-directional
  • Open surface or through shaft
  • Full surface to floor skirting


It also can work with a variety of devices to accommodate your needs from positioning, pushing, stopping and more. Contact us at for more information.

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