Shuttleworth’s Superstar in Paper Handling

By Klaus Daenzer, Senior Plastics R&D Engineer

If you’re in the cut sheet paper industry, you’re well aware of the major issues you encounter in your line when it comes to paper shingling.  Shuttleworth’s Star Rollers in combination with Slip-Torque technology,  can help to eliminate the shingling or creeping of the bottom-most layers of paper when stacks are transported or accumulated between machines in the cut sheet paper handling process – providing non-damaging accumulation between machines.star_on_shaft

Picture1CroppedUnlike the typical round rollers that cause the bottom layers of stacked paper to shingle or creep during transport, the Star Roller’s star-shaped, anti-shingling roller greatly reduces these issues by passing compression zones at roller-paper contact points downstream with the paper.  The thicker the paper and smaller the stack, the better the results.

Eliminates Product Damage

Designed to preserve the integrity of the paper, the loose fit Star Rollers stop moving under the product as it accumulates – virtually eliminating the shingling of the bottom layers of paper during transportation.

Increases Productivity and Throughput

Shuttleworth’s Star Rollers offer flawless accumulation while reducing product damage and operating hours.  The accumulation process reduces total line delays by allowing operable machines to continue production for a cost-effective period of time when other in-line machinery is down.

Ensures Customer Satisfaction

Our Star Roller conveyors help to deliver product quality, optimize line efficiency and decrease dramatic downtime for our customers – all contributing to our high satisfaction rating from customers.

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