Searching for a gentle product handling solution for your electronics line?

We have a long history of conveying and accumulating PCBs, flat glass, disk drives, engine control modules, radios and many other electronic components and assemblies. Whether you’re looking to transport electrostatic discharge (ESD) sensitive materials within ultra clean environments or require flexible packaging machinery, Shuttleworth has a solution for you.

We understand the importance and how imperative it is to have a clean, sanitary environment. From the smallest components to large products, keeping your electronics parts and products clean during manufacturing is a priority.  Shuttleworth’s Clean Passage system, consisting of Slip-Trak conveyors, is encased in a mini-environment, floor mounted or suspended above the ceiling.  Vertical Clean Passage conveyors deliver or receive cassettes and pods to and from clean room bays or tool clusters within the bays. Random-access pod or cassette buffering can take directly on the conveyor surface above each bay or tool cluster, assuring that WIP is immediately available when tools are operated.

A Clean Passage mini-environment is equipped with its own filters and connects directly to the fab are handling system. It is clean room compatible to Class 1 (ISO Class 3) in the product area. Vertical Clean Passage conveyors can be located in chases or hallways, with airlock ports opening into the bay or within the bay. Each vertical Clean Passage conveyor is equipped with two airlocks in the bay, one at the overhead transport conveyor level, the other at the working level. The lower airlock serves as a safety shut-off, while operators or automation load and unload cassettes and pods directly onto or off the vertical conveyor bed.

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