Kit Building Preparation – Automating the De-casing and Combining of Products into a Single Lane

Learn how Shuttleworth provided a solution for a food manufacturer facing a challenge during the kit building process for trayed food kits including juice boxes.

The Challenge

  • Customer desired a gentle form of de-casing and transporting of juice boxes from cartons that minimized scuffing or damage on the product
  • Ability to properly orient the product for easy load into lunch kits
  • The system must be wash-down
  • Straw-side must be facing up as to avoid any product mishandling


Shuttleworth Solution

  • A fully-automated solution that provided the de-casing, orienting, and combining of juice boxes into one lane prior to kit packing.
  • Operator-controlled overhead retractable blade stop with vacuum head used to lift boxes so the operator can easily remove the case
  • Separate conveyors and elevations used to waterfall the product into proper position for transportation
  • Slip torque conveyor coupled with both rollers and used to gently accumulate and divert product into separate lanes on a single conveyor surface
  • Pneumatic blade stops and guides used to combine juice boxes into single-lane for preparation of kit building


The Results

  • An integrated solution that smoothly transports, orients, and combines juice boxes in preparation for the kit building at a rate of 156 products per minute
  • Slip-torque conveyor and 180-degree turn gave the customer a compact design with a minimal operational footprint
  • Shuttleworth’s conveyor with our patented Slip-Torque roller technology gently handled and eliminated any potential scuffing on the product – increasing product quality during the kit building process

Watch our solution in action!

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