How does Shuttleworth keep your production line rolling?

Keeping your production line operating at peak performance is your top priority for achieving line efficiencies – which contributes to your overall profitability.  How does Shuttleworth keep your production line rolling?  It’s easy with Shuttleworth’s innovative roller technologies.

Shuttleworth recognizes that each product application places a unique set of demands on the rollers that convey them along the path. With that in mind, we’ve developed specialty compounds for a variety of standard acetal and specialty rollers to structurally maintain a high strength to weight ratio based on specific product applications.

Standard Acetal Cored Roller

Created from FDA-compliant material, our standard slip-fit acetal roller can accommodate a maximum temperature rating of 200°F and is used with most Slip-Torque® applications. With 5-8% forward force, the standard acetal roller is ideal for mass accumulation applications.  Available in a variety of colors and as an ultra slick roller option.

Spring-Loaded Acetal Cored Roller

Shuttleworth’s spring-loaded core roller shafts push the rollers together using springs to create a more positive drive on the conveyor surface. The amount of positive drive produced can be adjusted based on the spring tension and the number of spring loaded shafts on the surface.

Solid Acetal Press Fit Roller

Our solid press fit roller is the perfect solution for food applications and is FDA-compliant.

Acetal Anti-Static Roller

The solid anti-static roller is FDA-compliant and reduces the amount of static build-up between the product and roller surface.

Acetal Silicon Tire Roller

This slip-fit acetal core with silicon tire roller is ideal for high temperatures and is chemical resistant. This roller also provides more drive to the product.

Combination Roller

Constructed in polyurethane with acetal hubs, this roller is extra soft and provides more surface friction while still offering gentle product handling on the product surface and holding product orientation.

Polypropylene Solid Roller

A solid, slip-fit roller used in chemical resistant applications and meets FDA-compliance. We also offer the polypropylene roller in a longer tube format for medical and chemical resistant applications.

Polyurethane Solid Roller

This slightly softer surface is the standard roller used when requiring extra drive. It also provides additional surface friction to hold product orientation.

Polyphthalamide (PPA) Roller

The polyphthalamide (PPA) roller is great for high-speed, load and high temperature applications.  Temperature rated up to 450°F.

Shuttleworth’s roller surface technologies are the foundation of our conveyor systems. Our revolutionary Slip-Torque roller technology is what positioned Shuttleworth as a leader in product handling solutions – providing gentle product handling and operator safety every step of the way.

We understand efficiency is critical when trying to move a product from point A to point B within your production line. The conveyor surface is utilized to transport a variety of products with unbalanced surfaces and shapes and different weights.  The size of your product determines what roller pitch – standard, fine, coarse or super coarse pitch – is needed for your specific application needs. Shuttleworth offers a variety of roller surfaces based on product conveying specifications and needs.

All roller surfaces are developed, manufactured and quality tested in-house by Shuttleworth.  To learn more, visit our website at

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