High-Speed Dividing and Accumulation for Packaging Personal Care Wet Wipes Products

Increased demands for wet wipe products such as personal hygiene, pre-moistened facial cleansing, disinfecting and wet-floor wipes continue to rise in the marketplace. As a manufacturer, you’re challenged with meeting these consumer demands while maintaining line efficiencies and delivering high-quality products with minimal waste.  Shuttleworth’s high-speed packaging solution has helped wet wipe manufacturers reduce overall product cost while increasing productivity through the achievement of speeds of up to 500 products/minute.

Featuring: Stacks of Unpackaged Wet Wipes

This custom solution features the transporting, diverting, and accumulation of stacks of unwrapped personal hygiene wet wipes in preparation for indexing into a flow wrapper.  This gentle, yet high-speed solution includes both single and multiple lanes of product without compromising product stacks. This specific design features:

  • Modular plastic belt conveyor used to ease of lateral movement during conveying without disruption of stacks
  • Custom diverter developed to maintain stacking and product integrity
  • Servo-Controlled paddles used to gently and quickly guide product through diverting process
  • Sensors count product as they pass through one of five lanes
  • Tabletop chain conveyor seamlessly transfers, indexes and accumulates product in preparation for wrapping
  • Modulating speed of downstream conveyors, controlling high-speed trains of product and slow down for metal detectors and wrapper infeeds without delaying or over-running wrapper infeed conveyors

The Challenge

  • Customer desired gentle and clean solution to prepare stacks of wet wipes for wrapping at a rate of 375 products/minute
  • Ability to divert and accumulate product while maintaining stack integrity and sanitary requirements

Our Solution

  • A high-speed automated solution that transported, divided, and accumulated stacks of unwrapped wet wipes
  • Modular plastic belt conveyor was used to ensure gentle handling as to not disrupt the product stacks
  • Flexible guides and custom diverter ensured proper lane assignment and speed while maintaining product integrity
  • Energy efficient servo-controlled paddles guide product through diverting process
  • Tabletop chain conveyor transfers and accumulates wipes in preparation for wrapping

The Results

  • Solution that smoothly transports, diverts, and accumulates stacks of unwrapped wet wipes in a clean environment
  • Integrated system provided transportation of product up to 500 stacks/minute, allowing flexibility for the customer
  • Adjustable system allows for product speed change and lane infeed based on available online wrappers

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