High-Speed Accumulation and Single-Rowing Solution for Optimum Packaging Performance

How Shuttleworth provided an applications solution for transporting masking tape rolls in preparation for packaging.

Shuttleworth’s integrated conveyor system provided the customer with a solution for transporting rolls of painter’s tape from a 2-level slitter in preparation for packaging. One of the challenges the client faced was due to the stickiness nature of the product and how this increased after the cutting process. Featuring our patented Slip-Torque® roller technology, the rollers were developed from a chemical resistant compound to aid in the sticky environment. This automated solution provided low-back pressure accumulation and single-rowing for gentle product handling throughout the packaging process. Highlights of this design include:

  • Accumulation conveyor provides a buffer zone to transport and accumulate product rolls so they are efficiently queued up and fed to combiner
  • Angled overhead guides for single-rowing of product
  • 180-degree turn to keep products oriented in single-rowing for packaging
  • A limit switch to reverse the drive in case of an unexpected product jam
  • High-level sensors to monitor product flow and regulate product rate
  • 180 products per minute conveyed


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