Gentle, flexible and efficient solutions for your cookie and cracker packaging lines

The cookie and cracker industry will continue to see growth as the convenience of on-the-go snacking remains a priority to the modern consumer. Snack manufacturers must focus on flexible packaging solutions that increase efficiency and production in order to stay ahead of the competition. Because cookie, cracker and other baked snacks are delicate, manufacturers place great emphasis on gentle product handling during the packaging process to protect the integrity of their products.  Shuttleworth provided an automated gentle handling solution that accumulated and collated graham cracker packages for secondary carton packaging – achieving 200 products per minute.

This integrated solution accumulates, divides, and organizes wrapped graham cracker packages to prepare for carton packaging. Slip-Torque® roller technology is featured throughout this system because of its gentle handling nature and its ability to provide low back pressure while accumulating the packaged crackers.

Key features of this system design include:

  • Conveyor featuring Slip-Torque® roller technology ensures crackers are gently handled during accumulation and combining process.
  • System designed to gather product from 3 infeed conveyors and divide them evenly into 9 lanes for more efficient accumulation
  • Automatic speed adjustment using side-mounted sensors and our Servo SmartFeed design for lane balancing

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