Easy Clean – the perfect solution for sanitary applications

Are you a manufacturer searching for the perfect solution to meet your demanding sanitary applications? Shuttleworth’s Easy Clean™ Slip-Torque conveyor is ideal for the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and other applications where sanitation regulations are critical to the manufacturing process.

The stainless steel conveyor is fabricated with continuous welds and innovative 45° steel strengths bends. The angled bends allow debris to fall through the conveyor surface and frame structure, rather than collect on horizontal surfaces. This design helps to eliminate where food or other contaminates can collect.

All Slip-Torque® conveyors come in standard lengths in 1/2 meter increments and up to 22 standard widths. We will also customize our product offering to your application needs. Shuttleworth conveyor systems are engineered to be suited for applications requiring gentle handling, low back pressure, accumulation, dividing, combining, indexing, or positioning for robotic interfacing.

Our Easy Clean chain drive conveyor is designed for heavy-duty washdown applications.


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