Case Packing Solution for Sticky Products

Sticky products can cause serious challenges for manufacturers during the packaging process. These materials can adhere to equipment, significantly impacting productivity and throughput, while requiring frequent stoppages and human intervention to clear product. Learn how Shuttleworth and Brenton Engineering combined efforts to develop a high-performing packaging solution for case packing unwrapped rolls of tape.

Product Featured: Unwrapped Rolls of Tape

Other key features of this system include: Shuttleworth partnered with ProMach sister company, Brenton Engineering, to develop a high-performing case packaging system designed to convey products at a rate of 240 products/minute. This solution included transporting, accumulating, indexing and dividing of unwrapped rolls of tape for infeeding to a robotic case packer.

  • Custom conveyor featuring Shuttleworth’s Slip-Torque® roller technology including Teflon-coated tube rollers to handle the unwrapped rolls of tape
  • Accumulation of a group of products into nine lanes using retractable overhead guides;
  • Pin stops index tape rolls to a pneumatic stop for robotic picking;
  • Conveyor surface allows for re-circulating of product to the infeed conveyor with triangle guides to funnel products to middle of conveyor for the re-circulation; and
  • Brenton Engineering robotic case packer based on speed, size and space requirements.

See this system in action by clicking below














  • Solution resulted in an increase of product throughput to 240 products per minute


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