Automating your automotive production line

When automating your production line for automotive parts or components, gentle product handling is a must. Shuttleworth understands the unique challenges facing the automotive industry and the need for gentle product handling solutions for these applications.  Our Slip-Torque chain drive technology is the ideal solution for the automotive industry and is suitable for Class 100 (ISO Class 5) clean environments.

Gentle Product Handling/Accuracy

Positioning parts through the use of automated handling devices provide consistent product control in your line.  With Slip-Torque technology, your most fragile parts are handled with care and precision both before and after the sintering process in powdered metal applications.  Our close roller shaft centers offer maximum product stability throughout.


When conveying multiple products in multiple lanes, our low line pressure accumulators are the best choice.  Our accumulators offer mass or inline accumulation for manual or robotic handling operations using low line pressure to minimize product damage.

Optimized Resources

Controlling the amount of time needed at each furnace or press is critical.  Through the use of automated parts handling, you get a solution that optimizes labor while increasing the efficiency of your facility – contributing to your total cost of operation.


Having the ability to accommodate product changes is extremely valuable in this ever-changing market. Regardless of size or shape of your product, our conveyor systems are flexible to help you minimize changeover time.

Integration Capabilities

Need to integrate specific equipment such as scales, marketing systems or robotic interfaces? It’s easy with Shuttleworth – our experienced engineering team will work with you to determine the best option for integration and help simplify the process.


Our proven automotive applications include:

  • Auto Electronics
  • Catalytic Converters
  • Clean Conveyors for Assembly
  • Components
  • Cooling Systems
  • Packaging & Assembly
  • Parts Queueing for Assembly
  • Powdered Metals
  • Specialty Coatings

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