Accumulation for gentle handling of automotive filters

Shuttleworth recently collaborated with an automotive parts manufacturer who sought out an accumulation system to transport their filters after they were manufactured and discharged from a curing oven. The filters being conveyed have a temperature as high as 200°F and the conveying surface needed to withstand these temperatures, as well as the ability to gently handle a bulk group of products at one time.

Filters are first discharged from the curing oven in multiple rows on an extra wide conveyor containing special high-temperature rollers. As the filters cool, they are transported through a right angle transfer onto another conveyor. The Shuttleworth Slip-Torque© conveyor gently accumulates the products, up to 1,800 filters at one time. The conveyor is broken up into zones to further minimize pressure on the products, ensuring the filters are safely transported throughout the system with no damage.

As the filters are being transported, the system receives signals from the element inserter to determine as to when the product needs to be accumulated. As products move down the line, they will come to a stop as the system reaches capacity. The filters will then begin to single row with gaps in between caused by system-led speed changes as chicanes alternate the products side by side. Once the filters are single rowed, they transfer onto a plastic chain conveyor to finally feed into the element inserter.

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