2017 – Celebrating 55 Years of Shuttleworth!

Happy 2017!  2017 is very special to us as we celebrate 55 years in the material handling industry – that’s 55 years of dedication and expertise in providing the most innovative solutions to meet our diverse customers’ challenges.

It was the vision of our founder, Jim Shuttleworth, that brought us to where we are today.  Little did he know when he purchased the machinery portion of Shuttleworth Foods in 1962 from his father, Charles Shuttleworth, that Shuttleworth would become a long-standing reputable brand in the industry. When Shuttleworth opened its doors in 1962, John F. Kennedy was President of the United States, the original McDonald’s Golden Arches logo debuted and Elvis Presley was king.  Jim had relocated the company from Warren, Indiana to downtown Huntington, Indiana and Shuttleworth Machinery Corporation was born.

By 1965, Shuttleworth Machinery Corporation was manufacturing not only its original can un-scrambler product (developed with Jim’s father) but also had designed a high-speed, hydraulic case packer named the “Futurmatic” which placed bottles or cans into cases. This new product soon experienced explosive growth with the company licensing the case packer not only in the US but also in Australia, England and Holland. And in 1969, Shuttleworth moved operations to its present building at 10 Commercial Road in Huntington.

The revolutionary Slip-Torque technology soon followed – as did product demand with expansions occurring internationally in Japan, Belgium and Malaysia.  In 2002, Shuttleworth introduced its “Easy Clean” conveyor designed for the food and healthcare markets. This stainless steel conveyor includes minimal horizontal frame surfaces where contaminants can collect and allows for easy wash down. Shuttleworth’s innovative “Star Roller” was then created in 2003 specifically for the paper handling industry to eliminate creeping or shingling of the bottom layers of paper when stacked or accumulated on the Slip-Torque conveyor. The consummate entrepreneur, Jim was always focused on the customer and in finding the most effective ways to bring innovation and efficiency to the total cost of operations.

Jim’s entrepreneurial insights and tremendous leadership helped catapult Shuttleworth Incorporated as a premier provider of proven product handling solutions. In 2003, Jim Shuttleworth died unexpectedly in a single-plane crash. His widow, Carol Shuttleworth, was appointed President and CEO by the Board of Directors, a position which she held until selling the company to Pro Mach Incorporated in 2011.

jim-shuttleworth-indiana-business-magazine-coverWe dedicate 2017 and salute Jim Shuttleworth for his guidance, passion and entrepreneurial spirit that led Shuttleworth to where we are today – truly the best of the best.

To learn more about Shuttleworth’s products and services, please visit our website at http://www.shuttleworth.com/products/

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