The low-down on low-pressure accumulation conveyors

Accumulation conveyors are an important aspect of material handling systems, providing a buffer to hold product until downstream operations queue for available capacity to follow through to reduce product damage and jams. Think of accumulation in comparison to cars slowing down to approach a traffic light – the traffic light then queues the cars before moving forward. That’s how accumulation conveyors work.

Shuttleworth’s low-pressure accumulation conveyor detects accumulated products and adjusts in an effort to protect the integrity of the products. Our patented Slip-Torque® rollers stop turning underneath the accumulated product, minimizing the opportunity for product damage or package scuffing. The easily-adjustable buffer zones provide efficiency during product changeover – saving time and money. Because of this unique design, Shuttleworth conveyors give you the added benefit of low-pressure accumulation on every system as a standard feature.

From fragile to bulky items, low-pressure accumulation conveyors can help increase efficiencies without sacrificing quality. Low-pressure accumulation offers no contact and gentle product handling for a wide variety of industries from bakery items such as crackers, cookies and more.

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